artistic vibes

I have been airbrushing alot more in the last few weeks and expected to post something since I have not posted anything this year…. So here we go…..ImageImageImage


Bode Tribute

Bode Tribute

Getting on a larger scale


a previously unpublished gem featuring two graffiti greats. . It’s a Boy5 piece done by Crash in 1983 and a Boy5 piece done by Noc167 in 1979 on the same piece of paper…GRAF!!! styles upon styles upon styles is what I have…..Futuristic sh*t Image

Yasinn Bey

I don’t know what’s up with this dude but, he is still hella funky!!!! Armed with wicked elusive dilla chops we got “Sunshine Screwface” Enjoy!!!!!! 



Ive been on my #HDR ish for a min now and recently found a couple more ways to get busy on em fr those who don’t know #HDR stands for High Dynamic Range imaging.In short really nice pictures taken from as  many as 8 pictures to capture the gamut of colors missed by conventional cameras…here are a few examples made by utilizing HDR filters and effectsImageImageImageImage

Travel fox

For some time Inhave been wanting to write this post about the “jamaican jordans” Travel Fox. Classics in their own right a shoe/sneaker with no apparent sport to represent made in the UK popularized by jamaican gangsters as a “gunman shoe” in my opinion a very stylish shoe taking cues from dressy business like loafers




So here I am with all opportunities afforded to me and I will take this opp to show you some more “on the fly” designs that I got up my sleeve first off we gonna begin w/Jordan just-cause of its style points digg me??? More to come and stay tuned.



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